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I am seeing an error in the Collabora docker container logs which I think is preventing my document editing not working.

From the admin, it is able to connect just fine, it’s just document editing.

Looking at the Collabora docker container logs, it’s trying to resolve an IP address. My guess is that it should be trying to resolve a domain name? Where is the config located for me to change this?

wsd-00007-00007 2023-12-25 09:19:24.428563 +1100 [ coolwsd ] TRC Have 1 new children.| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:5919
wsd-00007-00007 2023-12-25 09:19:24.428578 +1100 [ coolwsd ] INF WSD initialization complete: setting log-level to [warning] as configured.| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:5935
wsd-00007-00007 2023-12-25 09:19:24.428896 +1100 [ coolwsd ] WRN Waking up dead poll thread [main], started: false, finished: false| net/Socket.hpp:714
wsd-00007-00014 2023-12-25 09:19:46.275787 +1100 [ websrv_poll ] ERR Poco::Net::DNS::resolve(“”) failed: Host not found:| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:4004
wsd-00007-00014 2023-12-25 09:19:46.275797 +1100 [ websrv_poll ] WRN convert-to: Requesting address is denied:| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:4010

Please take a look at Collabora integration guide… maybe you are missing aliasgroup setting on Collabora side…

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