Nextcloud Cloud Font Manager similar to Typekit by Adobe or FontBase

No App Needed:

This is actually fairly straightforward to do with just a normal NextCloud set up and some symbolic links.

Basically just have some folders in my NextCloud folders for fonts, and have the system fonts folders symlinked over so that when I put fonts in the NextCloud folder it installs the font.

I think this should work. I’ll report back how it goes.

But Wait! There’s More:

I could make this even better by using [NexusFont]. It’s a font manager for Windows that allows you to preview and install fonts from custom folders. It is, as I mentioned though Windows only.

There’s room for improvement here in the form of some kind of NextCloud app.

First in that a NC app could get some of the symlinking etc stuff out of the way, but more so in that it would allow for a more integrated cloud experience similar to what [Typekit by Adobe] or [FontBase] offer. Typekit tries to force too much Adobe walled garden functionality down your throat, and FontBase is cross platform but also an electron app that is INCREDIBLE slow, and only treats your fonts as installed while it’s running, which means it has to hog resources while you have an already graphics heavy application like Photoshop or After Effects open. NOT GOOD.

Perhaps this would be more of a NextCloud Client plugin than just a NextCloud plugin, though I’m not sure if there is such a thing.

Anyway, I think it would be cool. I’ll let you guys know how my manual setup with NexusFont goes.