Nextcloud Client apps?

I just had this through while writing out my suggestion for a [Cloud Font Manager]

It struck me that functionality for a Cloud Font Manager would be in part of a NextCloud server app, BUT it would also require a NextCloud clientside add-on of some kind.

Are there any plans or have there been any discussions about developing a add on or extension system for the NextCloud client?

Some possible use-cases for this could be things like:

  • Cloud based font manager
  • adding cloud sync to an applications settings (so like a VScode settings sync, or Thunderbird settings sync)
  • The ability to save or write a document on the desktop version of OnlyOffice or LibreOffice and have it automatically integrated with the cloud instead of having to use the Web Interface.

And I’m sure there’s lots of other stuff. Anyways I just thought I’d lob that out there.