Nextcloud Client - local folder on windows network drive based on a synology share - write permission

Hello Nextcloud community,

I would like to create a new sync folder in the nextcloud windows client. The “local” folder should be located on a network drive which is a shared folder of a Synology nas.

When I select the local folder in the nextcloud client I get the message “You do not have write permission for the selected folder”.

If I select a network drive based on a samba server (linux) share as a local folder in Nextcloud it works.

Unfortunately it is no option to add the network drive as external storage in nextcloud for me.

How can I configure a synology share so that I can sync to it via nextcloud client?

It looks like we have the same issue:

My NAS is a synology…

I had the same problem. What worked for me is to install client version 3.0.3. It let me use a Synology mapped folder for sync connection.
Afterwards I updated to the latest version.

Thank you very much Picant. This worked for me.

At first it worked for me (3.0.3). After I installed the latest version of the client (3.2.3) over it and activated the virtual files I got error messages, metadata could not be entered into the database.

I don’t have virtual file support enabled. Try without it.

I have this problem with a Windows 8.1 client (version 3.3.5), trying to sync a Samba share (drive L: or \servername\directory\ ) of my Debian Buster Homeserver. Other shares of the same server syncs fine. There may be an old sync in registry from a prior installation which i can’t purge so i see the nextcloud icon in explorer at the directory. Maybe this causes the problem - but how can i solve this?