Nextcloud Client for MacOS and Apple Silicon

Hello, are you planning to make the client native compatible with Apple Silicon (M1) in the future?

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How about searching first?

Sorry, it was just a question.
Did not find anything else on the subject.
And by the way, that was already six months ago.

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The answer is that the desktop client relies on Qt and the Apple Silicon version of this app (Qt 6.2) is only just in beta. Once this is released I’m sure it won’t be long before there will be a native NextCloud Desktop client. I use ownCloud these days and am keeping an eye on the ownCloud Desktop client too - since they are pretty much interchangeable in practise.

The Apple Silicon version of Qt is now available. It was released in September. How soon are we to a native macOS ARM release of Nextcloud Client? Pretty much all of the current range of Apple Macs now use an ARM architecture rather than Intel - so a native release must be on your radar.

Just follow the topic on github, there are statements about Qt6, also some managed to build a client with Qt5 for Mac:

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