New client for macOS STILL Intel only!

I just saw that the desktop client 3.1.1 was available and eagerly downloaded the macOS version thinking that it would be a universal app for Apple Silicon. It wasn’t to be.

Who can I ask about the roadmap towards a universal version? There seems to be complete radio silence wherever I look.

Thank you.

There is already a feature request:

You could build it your own and contribute:

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The standard response to anyone asking for such a thing.

Making a statement like that is a catch-all and has no worth whatsoever. There is an arrogance about the open source movement that tries to remove an end-user’s right to make a request.

I can’t help that it’s free. I’d rather pay and not be sneered at.

Well, github is the place for the development and if there is a feature request, there is not much we can do here. So therefore it is kind of a standard answer for such requests.

There is a request on github, everybody is free to join and follow the discussion. And if it’s not fast enough, they can either get their hands dirty by doing it themselves, or invest money (that would be the freelancing category: 💸 Nextcloud freelancing - Nextcloud community).

Unfortunately it’s not on the timeline or a milestone in github, so it’s hard say when it’s going to happen. ownCloud is a bit similar from the code base, there is a statement on their site: [macOS] Native Support for Apple Silicon · Issue #8329 · owncloud/client · GitHub, with that you can perhaps guess if it is going to happen soon or not.


Apple’s ARM platform is a week or so old…
There is an arrogance of Apple faithful to assume that the world gives a *** about latest Cupertino invention… They don’t even have the decency to call it ARM, ffs…

That makes two of us.
I’d rather pay and see all the stupid comments disappear…


You are asking on a user forum.
Someone is searching for your at the developer platform and giving you a response with the suitable link. And you start to complain?

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Apple made ARM developer kits available on June 22 2020. There are a great many ARM apps available from a range of developers, large and small. You guys are making my argument about arrogance for me. I have been enthusiastic about open source for many, many years and in my role of ICT Coordinator in an educational context I have pushed hard for the use of open source software wherever possible - but I have always found there to be a somewhat acerbic reaction from the open source community to questions and an obvious distaste and scorn of newbies. The ‘we do this for free so take it or leave it, how dare you question us’ attitude pervades all. Unfortunately the end user has no choice. Even a payment is a donation and offers the user no respect.

The comments about Apple and ARM show a complete lack of understanding about how important the transition to ARM actually is. Windows on ARM will be the norm in years to come, and Linux will also go that way. You need to experience the transformation of Apple M1 machines to fully appreciate just how important it is.

I will make no further comment.

cool. Good Apple-guys.
And releasing a completely new platform roundabout 6 months later would give everyone enough time to adjust necessary changes to their software. At least in the eyes of Apple. Maybe in reality it looks a bit different. How long was Apple developping their new platform? 3 years? 2? 5? How many adapted paid software-pakets are there already?
Ya, there will be more. Sure. But it’ll take time. Even with paid software.

Excuse me… but isn’t it always like that? A frustrated user is venting off and then they complain about not been taking serious enough?
I mean have you read what you were answered?

all of those are nice reminders that you are venting off at the wrong place: At the user-forum. It’s no arrogance if you’d be reminded of that fact. It’s rather ignorant to not accept the facts as they are, I daresay.

That’s really great. Honestly.
But maybe you have missed an important point about OS software… Usually it might come for free (so you don’t pay anything) but in exchange you don’t have any rights to expect new developments in time. It goes as fast as it goes. @tflidd already mentioned how you could try to add some pace on things you wanna have developped faster. And NC GmbH (living from selling support) stated several times: If a paying client is asking for a certain development, it’ll add some priority to it.
So are you a paying client?

you understood that reaction completey wrong. The user-forum just isn’t the right place to question anything. You’v e got hinted to where to put your frustration aka comments. BTW: You even don’t need to type many letters (with less meaning) you just could click on thumbsub to show your support for the issue. Dev’s are gonna notice that.

well again: Anyone was claiming that it ISN’T important. So please don’t wrongly accuse anyone here.
Sure enough it IS important. But when was the new platform released? Like a month ago or such? So how many devices are there right now, making use of the new platform? It still will be a sheer minority.
And yes, this is gonna change in the future. - It might take years until the new platform-devices outnumber INTEL-devices.

This is a very adult reaction of you.
So if you manage to get out of your sulking corner again, your answers will be welcome.

My 2ct.


There is new hardware, but there are about 20% apple users world-wide, how many do have this new processor chip? The current software is working even on this new generation, so it isn’t really urgent. And do we know the benefit of it? E.g. a 10% faster client for 0.5% of the users, should this be top priority? Or a memory leak that lets the client crash for 10% of the users and uses more resource of 100% of the users?

Problem with open source, many think that their problem is the most important of all and the feature they want is the dealbreaker, and therefore everybody has to work on a solution immediately.

For ARM-based Linux, there are already clients out. Also Linux provides native webdav which works in contrast to Windows and Mac even though the users are paying for it…


I’m using a nextcloud client on an M1 Mac (it accesses a Linux based server for syncing).

  • It works fine.
  • it’s markedly quicker than my (aged) i7 MacBook
    FWIW - although it’s not nextcloud - nearly everything works fine (one exception I have sorted with some slight tinkering with command line & python)
    That’s most of what I wanted from a new machine.
    if it were a simple choice - I’d be voting to get the joplin API working again, in preference to a native client…

Ahh, yes. It works perfectly well. That’s great. I can stop wishing for a native client. Why not run the Windows client in Wine while we’re at it? Then all we need is the Windows version for all platforms.

I don’t think this discussion is going anywhere and I will close this topic.

Each side made their argument clear. :slight_smile: