Nextcloud client deactivating limitation to 100 folders

Hello together,

I have the following problem here:

We are using Nextcloud in combination with the Nextcloud client to allow selected users to keep their data in sync on both an internal network drive and locally on their laptop. This is so that users can work without the internet and without access to these network drives. This works very well for some users. Only we have problems with one power user.

The setup is as follows:

Via the external storage app, the user “maps” his network drive to Nextcloud via SMB. In the web interface, all folders and data are also available. However, the client stops the synchronization after some time. The debug logs from the client as well as the server logs are without any abnormalities. If the user selects only some folders in the client and deselects the remaining folders, the synchronization works perfectly again. This was also reproduced on other systems.

I read in the FAQs that the client does not synchronize anymore if there are more than 100 subfolders. But now the user has about 2800 folders in his network drive and would like to have all data synchronized. Is there a way to disable this limitation? I know, 2800 folders are a lot, but maybe it will work.

I am also grateful for alternative suggestions.
Many thanks in advance.

Nextcloud Server: 19.0.3
Nextcloud Client: 3.1.1 (Windows), installed on a Windows 10 notebook
External-Storage-App: 1.10.0


If I understand the documentation correctly, this limitation is about the number of sub-levels per folder and not about the total number of folders. If you have more than 100 sub-levels in a single folder, you would most likely come across limitations regarding the filesystem (maximum number of characters allowed in the path) long before you hit this 100 subfolder limit.

To be honest, I cannot imagine that someone really comes up against this specific limit. Even with tens of thousands of folders and files. But never say never, I guess :wink:

thanks for your answer.

I had also understood this statement first related to 100 subfolders.

But I reproduced this on two freshly installed client and there the problem also occurs. I was slowly approaching this limit of 100 folders and when I added more than 100 folders to the sync, the client refused to work. On both systems respectively.

So that 100 sub folder limit would have to refer to the general number of folders in a sync and not sub folders.

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That can’t be either. I have a total of 328 folders in my Nextcloud and no problems with the sync client.

What can be, however is that 100 folders per level are meant. In other words, if you already have 100 folders in the root directory of your Nextcloud, there may be problems.

I can’t test that because I only have about 20 folders there and then further sub folders within these folders, but nowhere more than a hundred within in a single folder.

Hey, thanks for the answer.

What can be, however is that 100 folders per level are meant. In other words, if you already have 100 folders in the root directory of your Nextcloud, there may be problems.

I also meant 100 folders per level, not 100 folders as the maximum number of folders. I had expressed myself incorrectly.

Then I have to count through whether I have more than 100 folders on a level or the client generally has problems with the large number of folders.

Best thanks :slight_smile:

Im not a 100 percent sure about this… It’s just a guessing, based on the fact, that I have at total of 300 something folers in my nextcloud and they all get synced without any problems.