Nextcloud Client configuration backup and restore

Hey, I have Nextcloud client installed on a Windows PC 1 with 3 bounded nextcloud accounts and multiple custom selected folders and Subfolders to sync or not to sync:


I will move to Windows PC 2 and would like to save skip routine configuration with all needed folders to sync or not…

  1. How I can move currently active Nextcloud configuration from PC 1 to PC 2? E.g. backup on PC 1 and Restore PC 2.
  2. Would be nice if I even can clone cookies to use the same session, even if I will be asked afterwards to grand access again.

the config is stored in %appdata%\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg i bet if you place this config on your new system Nextcloud client is pre-configured already and you just need to login into your accounts.

take a look a the search this topic has been discussed already e.g.

It’s bad idea to share a session - this way you can’t revoke access for one client in case it is stolen…

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Cool, Thanks!
I did copied it to the new machine and works as expected :smiley: