Nextcloud-Client as Service? (Windows)


Hey everybody

Does anyone know if its possible to setup the nextcloud-syncclient as a (local) service, so that no user needs to interactively log into the windows machine?

thank you in advance!


Not at the moment. There is feature request since quite some time now:



maybe you can work around it with the Windows Task Sheduler. I think running the task with the option “Run wether user is logged on or not”.


actually this sounds interesting, didn’t even think about that at all.

I’ll give it a try as soon as I find a nice timeslot for that and come back with results :slight_smile:


I am perhaps a little late here but it is working perfectly with the task manager, I was using a configuration for google drive and just modify it for nexcloud and don’t have any problem.
So I post the procedure here for the person who need it.

  • install the nextcloud client without the option “Launch at system startup”
  • configure the folder to sync
  • open the task manager and create a new task ( see the configuration on the screenshot)
  • for the user, use the same user account as the one for the client install
  • Reboot the computer
  • no need to login on your account, it should sync automatically

Nextcloud as Windows service

whoa, wasnt expecting any answers anymore - but somehow someone found a way to do it!

I’ll check this after easter and will come back to this topic again, thank you mate for your how-to!


Thanks for your response, It’s now working for me too on windows server 2012 & 2016.