Nextcloud Client should keep sync despite windows logout

Hello everybody, Is it somehow possible for the Nextcloud client (Windows 10) to continue syncing despite Windows logoff? The process would look like this: I start the synchronization in the Nextcloud client -> log out of Windows -> and he despite sync (in the background) sync further? Many Thanks!

I haven’t tested it for this use case but in other cases I used to run the program in question as a auto start service.
There are several ways to run a program as a service, one being
Use your user to run it and let us know how it worked for you.

Hey there,

is there any way to realize this?

Maybe built-in or via the nextcloudcmd and a scheduled task on a Windows Server?

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Hi @AX99

Maybe this thread is of any help…

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Hey @bb77

thank you for your response!

I have create something similar, a scheduled tasks that runs nextcloudcmd with the arguments [SOURCE] [DESTINATIONURL]. I will check if this works.

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