Nextcloud - can't stream via webdav to VLC

Hi all,

Setup a network location on Windows 10 from the webdav drive. However when trying to stream media from my server to VLC I get this: VLC is unable to open the MRL

It works fine for text files, just cannot stream for some reason. The server works fine, can stream via FTP.

I have tried using Nextcloud desktop app but I had to force sync it as it doesn’t seem to auto sync like Dropbox. I also don’t want the files locally.

Any ideas?


Aunt G. knows different solutions for your problem:

Already tried a lot of that, no success.

I also have this issue.

I have Nextcloud 16 and windows 10 64 bit.

I have Netdrive Webdav client and that works fine when streaming and accessing files. When I try the native windows explorer webdav client (map network drive), streaming fails.

VLC is unable to access the MRL.

I’ve tried setting vlc debug on via Tools > Messages but the MRL error keeps scrolling and I can’t cancel it so the debug log is not saved and I cant get more info on the error.

Any suggestions?

It does sync automatically…

Could have something to do with VLC or the way Win10 handles WebDAV. I stream videos on mine with Kodi using its native WebDAV client.

Webdav Streaming definitely works very well via Kodi. So it must be an issue with VLC - never got that to work, but streaming from NC via Kodi works reliably on Linux as well as Android) rather than NC.

My Kodi is running on a Windows 7 laptop we leave connected to the TV. Streams from NC WebDAV like a champ.