Nextcloud Box shows rainbow splash screen at 1st start

Hi there,
the HDMI just shows the rainbow splash screen at the first start - forever!

I made a copy of the sd-card before with W32DiskImager and tried several sd-cards using this backup without any success.

A sd-card with Rasbian works without any problems. Using the same card with the backup shows the same as above.
The RasPi2 might be ok.

I also added boot_delay=1 (and =3) to give more time to load uboot.bin - also without success.
So it seemed that the kernel will not be loaded.

any ideas?


So you are using a Raspberry Pi 3? I think this model is not supported yet.

No, I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 Mod B V1.2

…so it looks like corrupted files on my sd-card originally sent with the box.
Does anyone knows where to download the sd-card image provided with the box or have I to return the complete box because of that?

It was requested several times and they will probably publish it at some point:

No, i have the same problem. (sorry for my bad english) It is the CPU of the new Raspberry Pi2 Mb V1.2 Version it is a arm v8 BCM2837RIBG and not a BCM2836 (ARMv7). Ubuntu Core for Pi2 or Pi3 dons´t work of piece.

Ciao Norman

JasonBayton has an image:

sorry tflidd but this is not the problem, rather the cpu of the version 1.2. It is a arm v8 64bit and not a arm v7 32bit like the same cpu in the raspberry pi 3 and because of that Jasons image not running on this model.

Thanks guys,

Norman gave the right hint.
I found a note on E14 site:
Highlighting the move from A7 to A53 core. A53 can work in 32bit mode, but has a v8 ISA.

Upgrades are not always better :frowning:

So, when can we expect a image working with Raspi2 v1,2 and Raspi 3?



We don’t really know.

From Twitter:
Mac ‏@Macst3r 19:03 - 28 nov. 2016
@Nextclouders Is there any date when the Box respectively the Ubuntu Core image will be capable running on a Raspberry Pi 3?

Nextcloud ‏@Nextclouders 28 nov.
@Macst3r December 9 is the plan from @Canonical

Nice they put it on twitter before any of the hundreds of threads here :stuck_out_tongue: