Nextcloud Box rainbox screen


I have received a brand new NextCloud box this week. Much to my disappointment I can’t get it to work. I have installed all cabling correctly. I have inserted the delivered 4GB microSD correctly. The only thing I get to see (connecting monitor to HDMI) is a rainbow screen (see here: )

In an attempt to ensure I’m not doing something wrong I tested with another microSD card. When I insert that (32GB) microSD card (with OpenElec) I get to see my mediaserver user interface which tells me my Raspberry Pi is working and cabled correctly into the NextCloud Box frame.

The microSD is not empty, it has the following content:

Any idea why it does not seem to boot? I have inserted a RPi Model B+ v1.2

Likely a corrupt image or damaged SD card. Can you reflash the image on the SD, and if that doesn’t fix it try a new SD with a freshly flashed image?

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Thanks. Sorry for the basic question, but reflashing an image is done the same way as regular OS for Raspberry Pi? I’m using dd or ImageWriter on my Mac.

Exactly :slight_smile: the image comes as an img file I believe, so you just write it as you would raspbian to the SD.

Will try your suggestion.

The thing is also I’m not 100% sure I have a Raspberry Pi 1 or 2. The thing is couple of years old and maybe if it’s a Raspberry 1 (can’t really remember) it does not work (as per the docs). So I’ll buy a Raspberry 3 as well in the hope the release comes available soon.

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