Nextcloud blank page without log / php upgrade

Hello community !

I have a problem with my nextcloud server, but it’s why i’m here ^^’.

I have a blank page on login screen and I have nothing on the logs (apache2/error.log or nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log). Earlier today i have upgrade my php packages from php7.1 to php7.3, it’s probably this update who cause the issue but I can’t find the solution.
By the way, I have also try the rollback but no chance…

Thanks for your help !

Nextcloud version :
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 16.04
Apache or nginx version :
PHP version : 7.3

Might be that update. Start with turning on display errors in php.ini

I run all my nextcloud insttallations on 7.2 at the moment and if im not mistaken there are some tickets for some apps for testing against 7.3 or bug fix for 7.3


a2dismod php7.1
service apache2 restart
a2enmod php7.3
service apache2 restart

Thank you so much ! It’s works now.

I have limited unix experience and skill, but did have version 13 running on my hosted web server. I used the updater today to upgrade 13 - 14 ->15 without any issues.

In 15->16 there was a non specific error and I have encountered a blank screen with we access to my NextCloud install.

I was running php7.1 (at least per my host webserver settings), and have upgraded that to 7.3 but nothing is working. I tried the ‘a2dismod’ command (when connected to server via SSH), but I get a command not found.

Am I trying to run the commands the wrong way?

after some server review and some greater familiarity with NextCloud, it seems that the updater hit a max file limit on the server and stopped. After clearing backups in the data folder it works.

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