NextCloud as FTP/FTPS/sFTP server

Can you tell me if we can use NextCloud as a FTP/FTPS/sFTP server?
I try to connect to the demo instance with FileZilla, but I can’t.
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For what I know Nextcloud doesn’t offer a FTP server. But you could install one of many FTP servers, and access the Folder of the FTP server as external Storeage. Thats what I’m doing for sFTP.

FTP is not supported by Nextcloud, so Filezilla won’t help you. You could use Cyberduck and connect using Webdav directly to your Nextcloud instance.

Hi, I attempted a connection using Cyberduck and WebDAV, but get a 405 error. Would you mind elaborating on your answer?

Edit: Nevermind, I got it working. Here’s what I had to use for Cyberduck https://DOMAIN.EXAMPLE/remote.php/dav/files/USER_NAME.
The only problem I still have is getting this to work within my LAN. Even http://localhost:PORT/remote.php/dav/files/USER_NAME does not work which is a bummer.

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Btw, if you are on windows it has WebDav built in, you could just add your nextcloud as a network share