Nextcloud appstore

Owncloud has an appstore to publish extra apps

Will nextcloud provide an appstore ?

Could be great to have it but the is a little bit oldies.

I think we need more features:

  • Multi version
  • Better github/gitlab repository integration (via tags/releases)
  • a web API to publish new version

Yeah, that’s the plan. The appstore code is now owned by another company (Blue Systems, see a blog about that by Frank) but they gave the right to Frank to run the code where he needs it. Shouldn’t be hard to get that up and running soon.

Probably best to start with the “old” code and in parallel create a slim store specificly for oc.

I thought that Bernhard already proposed something like that in the past. His ideas could be found at

Maybe we revisit them and check out what is possible and think about the pros and cons.

  • A proper reviewing system with stars, split by version
  • Paid apps support
  • Markdown support
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@raydiation let me know if you go forward with that. I’d be down to help on the design!

The draft is a bit old, so it should be reviewed again.

I think I won’t be able to lead this project (work, family, 3 month old kid ;D), but I’m willing to help and discuss. We should form a work group consisting people interested in working on this rather than relying on a single developer. Separate IRC channel maybe?

First step should be to create a repo and brain storm, next to release a minimal, best practice, working proof of concept which we can iterate on. This PoC does not even have to have a GUI in the first iteration :smiley:

What do you think @jan

I think good stuff! :slight_smile: Sure, no need for you to lead it, but would be cool to have you on the team.

I’d say just on the issue tracker of that repo to keep things simple for the beginning. :slight_smile:

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I would also appreciate a new concept for the app store. Definitely something more lightweight.
Too many users mistake the comment section in the current app store as a bugtracker, also it’s very prominently noted that it’s not. That’s a big pain for developers.

The comment section and the knowledge base can easily be replaced by this discourse system.

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I’d rather say that the comment section and knowledge base are the issue tracker of the apps. Otherwise this Discourse here will get very filled up. It’s like the situation where all apps had the same issue tracker … not good! :wink:

I’m not sure if we are talking about the same thing. ^^
The issue tracker is on github (or gitlab or where ever the code is hosted).

Users reporting bugs in the comments section of the apps store is a real pain for me as a developer.

Not sure if it’s possible, I would like to have the apps thing inside my appliance (not from third party website). What I mean is to open the apps panel and see all the available apps there. If I like something, just hit download and enable button. Something like gnome software or google play.
It will automatically check my version and propose me the available apps (just like gnome extensions does).
If this can happen for every user, it’ll be cool, not sure if it’s secure. If not, then the admin can do that from his panel.
Is that clear enough?

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Just to point out:

seems to have (I just take a look on the available Demo) interesting experience to deal with plugins.

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@xandcg that’s a really cool appstore. I wasn’t aware of that previously. We should definitely provide this kind of functionality, IMO. Almost everything is API-driven these days and people have become accustomed to the appstore model.

I found about them here (post #10):

The are also a bit more about their code base.

I think we should get rid of the “store” part. If it’s a repository and has some mechanism for bounties or something similar, that could reward people for improving Free software, but a work is done to make a paid “app” ecosystem, there is an incentive to have secret sauce, crippleware, etc.

We wouldn’t even need to integrate bounties, that could be separate, like bug bounties, but for features.

And, they’re not really “apps”. A better term might be extension, module, or plugin.

I suggest a plugin repository instead of an appstore.

Here’s my thinking (just of the top of my head):
The appstore model has advantages:

  1. Distribution under platform owner control (censorship, knowing who has what, etc)
  2. Payment processing (paid apps)
  3. Directory of “apps”
  4. Feedback (popularity, comments, etc)

The community gets virtually nothing from 1 and 2, and a plugin repository can do 3 and 4 just as well.
When I say “appstore”, I’m thinking something along the lines of play, apple, amazon. When I say “plugin repository”, I’m thinking along the lines of gnome extensions, or the roundcube plugin repository.

Again, just off the top of my head, I haven’t thought much about it.

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Posting this here :slight_smile:

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