Nextcloud app not shown as Content Provider

Nextcloud app is not shown as content provider for other apps.
It was shown before but out of the blue, it disappeared.

I recently bought a new phone, when I reinstalled all apps and accounts, nextcloud was shown as an option to select a file from when I asked to open a file. Then I noticed that on the old phone it was not available.

Two days with the new phone and the app is not showing anymore, only Drive and Dropbox are showing.

I had a keepass database opened in KeePassDX and it is available with “content://…” address, but I cannot open another one

I uninstalled nextcloud, deleted the account from the smartphone and updated nextcloud android client to 3.15.1 to no avail.

On Instagram, for example, if I try to upload a photo, I can choose from Drive, Dropbox, Photos,FX File Chooser, OneDrive, Galery and others… but no nextcloud

Samsung Galaxy S21, Android 11, OneUI 3.1

Just installed nextcloud dev from f-droid
It’s working fine

It seems this problem came back. However, the solution is also the same: install nextcloud dev and it’s working.

How to install nextcloud dev? I can’t find it on android store.

If you enable the PIN-Protection in the settings of Nextcloud App, then the integration of the content provider seems to get deactivated. This looks like logical behaviour in order to not workaround the PIN-Protection.

Unfortunately there is no official documentation for the Android-App (like for desktop-client), where this “feature” could be described …

Do you have PIN-Protection enabled?

Bye …

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One suggestion for the developers:

When showing this dialog for activating the PIN-Protection …


a little hint should be displayed, that the content-provider gets deactivated.

You should file that as a feature request on GitHub