Nextcloud Android client won't auto-upload

I’m having this problem intermittently, first on my Galaxy S4 and now on my Pixel (Android 7.1.2).

Some of my photos upload automatically, but others get stuck in a “Waiting to upload” state. Nothing I do (toggling WiFi, killing the app, restarting the phone) seems to help.

Any progress on this one? It’s very frustrating.

Same issue here with the latest official client. Auto upload seems to queue the new pictures, but nothing happens, even if all conditions are met (WLAN, charging). In the upload view the picture are marked waiting for upload.
Upload of other pictures work, so it’s not a connection or permission issue.
Mobile: S7 with Android 7

Now I tried the nextcloud-dev client (20170701) and here it seems that the auto upload is working, so here is hope that the next release will fix this annoying bug.

I’m having this issue too. There are numerous issues reported on Github regarding auto upload. Here is one recent issue:

Same with me. Even when a photo is made while connceted to wifi, it is not uploaded. Sometimes however one or two photos are uploaded. This is when I manualy click the icon to upload.
We use Nexcloud 12.0.0 and last actual android app on Samsung S5 mini.
This problem exists already over a year now. The fact taht some phots are uploaded and somne not makes the use verry triggy.

The issue mentioned here also has a test APK that you can use to help us improve this :wink:

Same here.

Some time ago I pulled all pictures from my phone and compared the list with what was synced to Nextcloud, there were a lot of Pictures missing. This is really not nice because I’d love to feel that my pics are safe in Nextcloud. Also, Sometimes I take picture to attach it to a mail on my computer and the app is just stuck at “Waiting to upload” for ever and I end up having to pull the picture of the phone with a cable.

What would be really nice is a way to re-sync, to do a sort of rsync so you really know everything is on the server. The way it works now, some of the time, is almost as bad as not having the feature at all.

Other than that, I love you guys and I love Nextcloud.

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Ok. I’ve installed the DEV version.
After install I made a pic. That was uploaded as expected.

BUT after rebooting the phone no pictures where uploaded that I made.

To my supprise those pics where uploaded after activating the nextcloud app on my android device.

So, the pictures upload function only works when the nextcloud app is active ! In my opinion the upload should work always, without having to load the app first.

@Hendrik how long did you wait after the reboot? Due to Android Doze it might take quite a while (~30 minutes!) since Android decides on processing time/power and activates the upload service.

We’re taking about DAYS.
Install was on 21-8. I wanted to show some pics that I made, but nothing was uploaded. But after looking on my phone in the Nextcloud app folder, things seem te be uploaded. After that I could see them on our server and laptops.

The upload service is only activated when the app is loaded, it seems.

Regards, H

Can you check the app’s settings screen via its main menu and scroll to the bottom to find the version number of the app please? :slight_smile: Sine it could be anything… 1.4.3, 1.4.2, 2.0.0RC, Dev-Build, etc.

Version says: 20170730.
Latest ‘changelog dev version’ entry says 29-8-2017
I can not find a number like you say.

If you installed it via f-droid and navigate to the app within f-droid you should see at least a version 20170823, 29-8-2017 is likely to be published by f-droid within the next couple of days.

Ok. I used the update button in the app.
It activated download of ‘nextcloud-android-generic-debug.apk’.
Installed now. 20170830 version.
I will reboot my device, make some pics and wait to see if they are uploaded to the server.

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Detection job is scheduled on boot, and with it the retry process. When the job is executed, all failed jobs will be rescheduled for upload. The exact timing of that is unfortunately unknown to us due to the Android platform and how it works.

The important thing with new upload is that all photos/videos/files get detected, and not WHEN they get uploaded.

Anyway, there is always a chance of a bug (or something I misunderstood), but this is how it works I’m afraid :-/

Unless you’re telling me pictures were in the queue, and were not FAILED, but simply not uploaded? What was the status if you remember?

It was not working with the official download. It is working with the dev version dated 20170830 that I downloaded and installed this week as you asked. Some pics from july seem to be missing, but I with carefully watch what is happening from now. Something in the job that is to be scheduled is going wrong with the official version I think.
So it seems the problem is solved with the DEV version, and that is nice!

O, there was nothing in a queue with the official release. Pic were simply never uploaded when the app was not activated by viewing to my files on my mobile.


Hi, I have Galaxy S9. I have the same problem. Auto-upload and sync not work. Manual download and upload works great. Some solution for this problem ?

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