Call for testing - Android client version 1.5!

Ok thanks.

I was just wanting to test but have the dev version working ok (except for uploads of course).

If the f-droid version 1.5 was imminent, I would wait, but it sounds like not, so I will load this onto a test device for now :slight_smile:

Nice for You, but i tested your build on 2 different devices and have in both the same Problem. Both doesn’t upload the Pictures automaticly. I configured the Upload. After 8 Hours there was no uploads. One is a Android 6 and the other is an Android 7. In the Play Store you can read, there are a lot of Peoples with the same Problem with the official Version.
But no solution for the Problem!
And you Post ist only a Statement, but no Solution.
When you want, to test the new Version, then please accept, if People tell the Issues.
And ask for more Details, so the Programmer can solve the Issues.
I think the best was is to share the Link to Download your newest build.

The link to Mario’s test build is in the first post. It’s that you’re using right?

I have also swapped to the first post test build and it doesn’t upload for me on Nougat.

Its showing as a build from 270727 and the appears to be an update in the dev branch of 290717?

Is this a special build or is the version from 290717 a more up to date 1.5 build?


Edit: Updating to dev build 290717 has meant that 1 of the 3 photos on the phone has successfully been uploaded to my server.

Which is good, but I’m not sure why only 1 of 3 has gone up. Will keep it on just in case it decides to upload some more.

Please ignore any and all updates that the app shows. This is a special build that is not related to anything else. Also, make sure you use Nextcloud Dev app, and not the regular, official app to test this.

If needed, remove the app before installing the APK provided in the first post.

Apart from installing the build I mentioned in my last post, have you made any new images/videos after configuring Auto Upload? Because Auto Upload only uploads new items, and not the old ones…

Anyone with Android 7.1?

I’m working on some magic that will allow images and videos (not custom folder files!) to appear in the upload queue in 2-5 minutes rather than 15-20, but only for Android 7.1.

If it saves to a folder on your phone, sure. This isn’t however part of the test

Magic as maybe but its hardly for the majority at 0.5% of all android installs on 7.1… :frowning:

Thanks for your work and time on this though :slight_smile:

Ha, well … what can I say. Blame Google? :slight_smile:

Good news however is that near-instant uploads will be enabled for Android 7 as well.

APK maybe tomorrow on the same url as above.

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Well, looks like the new APK is already here - go go go! :slight_smile:

App link updated :slight_smile:

app crashes immediately with same error message as posted above.

@Micha-Btz have you removed the old app and installed it freshly?

yes I have.

i have testet the developer version and so far i can see, not all folders are touched for upload (android 7.0).
for example, i want upload whatsapp images so i configured the folder for autoupload, nothing is going to be uploadet. the dcim folder is touched and some pics got uploadet. unfortunately no reliable sullution, i hope this will be fixed soon. i love this app, but in this cases not purposeful.

For people using the dev app as their daily driver, creating another version using the dev id means logging in and out of the system every time credentials are reset.

Ideally the test version should use a different id/descriptor so can be installed side by side with the dev version to allow easier testing for all.

Having a version number on the file would help too as I am losing track of which file I have downloaded is the latest.

Trying to help, but need use the dev app too.

This makes no sense? It will not upload existing photos, only new ones. Please delete and reinstall from the link in the first post.

We absolutely do not suggest using dev app as a daily driver. Also cases like this are rather exceptional, and we can either put additional effort into separating the apps, or into fixing bugs. I choose bugs :slight_smile:

Or just update the dev app with the dev app and stop messing about with additional additional dev versions.