Nextcloud Android 3.26.0 file upload conflict

Since the last update of Android App to 3.26.0 my phone gets hunderts of file conflict push messages. I use Nextcloud for syncing photos from my phone, here are the settings, with those I don’t expect any messages regarding file uploads.

Android: 3.26.0
Nextcloud: 25.0.11


Several people are seeing this, see bug report File upload conflict after update to 3.26.0 · Issue #11974 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

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Thanks for the link, I’ve send my thoughts on this to the GitHub Thread.

The problem causes massive battery drain.
Also alot of pictures where uploaded again to my Nextcloud server.
Rollback to 3.25 is not possible via Google Play Store, so I hope the problem gets solved soon.

I am a little bit confused that there is still no reaction from the developer’s.
All my devices are affected

Even developers have weekend now.

That is what worked for me:

I’ve deleted all data in the Android app settings, also the cache. Then uninstalled the app. After installing the Nextcloud app fresh from the Google Play store and logged in to my NC instance I’ve setup the synchronization folders and have no more issues.

I’m having the same issue and have added to the github trouble ticket.

JanSchmidt, appreciate your suggestion but it did not work for me.

I’m surprised there isn’t anyone assigned to the ticket yet…

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I’ve also been impacted by this error, and it’s been ongoing for well over a week without even acknowledgement from the android app maintainers. Its very frustrating, its draining my battery, and its also just simply annoying to have a nextcloud notification 24/7.

I’ve been active in the Github thread to the extent that I’m able to do so, but figured I need to start making noise other places - I’m confused why it seems like nobody seems to notice or care.

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Developer on github this morning confirmed they are working on this bug. They hard a hard time replicating the issue.


@stoamandl Are all of your devices the same? (I.e. same make/model + OS version)? And how many devices are we talking about?

Same problem as everybody else here, upload conflict in droves.

Nextcloudpi 25.0.3

Android 3.26.0

Same issue in my case. I’ve just finished my server (Ubuntu 22.04 + NC version 27.1.1) and started data migration from other clouds. Unfortunately I’m really annoyed with this bug. My app version 3.26.0 (Android). At the moment it makes android app completely unstable. I’ve turned of notifications, but it seems app is hanging and works slowly, files after some date are not green marked as synchronized. Additionaly after choosing manual synchronisation it displays lack of space message - my folder is 30 GB while I have 15 GB available on my phone, it is strange as I’m not intending to download them, so it seems app is not recognizing files as 1:1 copy… I see is almost one month since noticed, and still no patch… I’m forced to stop using instant upload folder…

Unfortunately your screenshot is obscuring several of your settings. Can you share what the “Original file will be…” option is set to?

Also, can you confirm all of your auto upload entries (if this is not your only active one) are configured similarly?

having exactly the same Problem with my samsung Galaxy A52s 5g. tweaking the settings to overwrite the server files etc. does not work either :frowning:

First deleting the App Cache and Data. Then uninstalling and reinstalling fixes the issue for me.

Nextcloud Android App Version: 3.26.0
Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.4)

I am getting notifications saying “File upload conflict Pick which version t…”

Selecting the notification just opens the app and does not show how to correct the problem.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no change in behavior.

I am concerned that some files are not being uploaded and there is no way to identify the problem files or the nature of the conflict.

Are you by chance clicking on the “parent” notification instead of the individual per-conflict notifications? That’s the only scenario that exhibit the behavior you’re describing. You should have an downward facing arrow, or something similar depending on Android OS version, to expand the notifications.

Also, you can, inside of the app itself, select the Uploads section from the left side pull out and any conflicts and pending uploads will be shown there (completed ones too for that matter).

I see … I tried clicking the down arrow and it just went to the application. I had to get my finger to just touch the number next to the down arrow to see the individual messages. I have 24 conflicts. I can think of no reason there should be a conflict. When I open one up, the images, dates, and sizes are identical. The times were not shown, so I examined the times on each device and that also matched.

I got this same problem on android. Hopefully we get a fix soon.

For me it also started with version 3.26.0 and yes version 3.27.0 did not fix it.

I love Nextcloud. I appreciate everything that the Nextcloud team is doing. After all this is an open source project, so the appreciation is even more deserved.

Regardless, I must say I am a little worried.
This is now going on for months and the bug was also not resolved in the version 3.27.0.
Why didn’t the development team revert back the code if they don’t know how to fix it.
Users can, with the help of F-Droid, hold the app back for some time. At least until version 3.25.0 is still compatible with the current version of Android OS and Nextcloud server.

What makes me sad the most is that I can not anchorage any new user to use Nextcloud anymore. If this bug is the first experience they have with it, they will never use it again.