Nextcloud Android 3.26.0 file upload conflict

Since the last update of Android App to 3.26.0 my phone gets hunderts of file conflict push messages. I use Nextcloud for syncing photos from my phone, here are the settings, with those I don’t expect any messages regarding file uploads.

Android: 3.26.0
Nextcloud: 25.0.11

Several people are seeing this, see bug report File upload conflict after update to 3.26.0 · Issue #11974 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

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Thanks for the link, I’ve send my thoughts on this to the GitHub Thread.

The problem causes massive battery drain.
Also alot of pictures where uploaded again to my Nextcloud server.
Rollback to 3.25 is not possible via Google Play Store, so I hope the problem gets solved soon.

I am a little bit confused that there is still no reaction from the developer’s.
All my devices are affected

Even developers have weekend now.

That is what worked for me:

I’ve deleted all data in the Android app settings, also the cache. Then uninstalled the app. After installing the Nextcloud app fresh from the Google Play store and logged in to my NC instance I’ve setup the synchronization folders and have no more issues.