Nextcloud and eID Easy partner up to deliver secure document signing to Nextcloud users

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Nextcloud 22, released today, comes with integration with eID Easy. This enables Nextcloud users to request a secure, digital signature on a PDF or other document, right from within the Nextcloud interface. This easy-to-use feature is available right away for Nextcloud 22.

The adoption of national ID cards with electronic functions has been growing. Billions of people now have a government-issued electronic ID cards and citizens can use them to verify their identity and sign documents. eID Easy supports the different signature methods used in different countries, providing a one-stop solution for Qualified Electronic Signatures.

You can now find eID Easy in the Nexcloud app store.

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eID Easy OÜ, the company behind eID Easy, supports a comprehensive list of legally binding Qualified Electronic Signature methods, such as national eID cards, signature smart cards, USB crypto tokens and others, as well as the traditional simple and advanced signatures.

One unique capability of eID Easy is to sign documents without transmitting the document to eID Easy, by signing a hash of the document.

Read the full eID Easy integration press release on our website.

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Hello, is it just me or is the DocuSign app unavailable?

Why DocuSign?
This announcement is about

Yes, but the announcement for v22 said there are going to be 3 integrations: “Getting your document signatures easy with integrated PDF signing with DocuSign, EIDEasy, and LibreSign”

Though I really like what eID Easy does, it’s a product offering different functionality - making both perfect for working together on the same nextcloud.

Sadly I was completely unable to find any documentation for the other promised integration for v22 - that’s why I asked.

It’s integrated in the approval app. Not the most logical thing, I agree, we have to split this off.

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Good news @terencepmurray as of version 22. See the rest of this topic.