Nextcloud and Collabora with Docker and WOPI requests allow list

Dear all,

I have installed Nextcloud and Collabora with docker containers on the same host. I got issues with configuring the “Allow list for WOPI requests” setting, which restricts the connection between Nextcloud and Collabora. Both docker containers are reachable with from external/internet with https and letsencrypt certificate using nginx proxy manager. I’ve tried all the hints from the forum / internet, e.g. to set the IP address from the docker network (172…/16), the IP of the host, the local DNS IP, etc. The only thing really working is the external IP, which changes every time interval, so will be no solution at all.

Are there any hints on that?

Thank you for any additional idea.

I see the issue in my installation as well (despite using local Pi-Hole DNS), but I never find motivation to dig deeper into the issue. there must be an issue with DNS resolution between containers running on the same docker host but using public DNS names. I could imagine container settings like extra_hosts or –ailas could be the key.

let me know once you find the solution… :wink:

I know that problem well but I didn’t see any solution about that, yet. No idea how to start.

:frowning: seems to be a generic issue with wopi access lists for dyndns, not only related to collabora.

does anyone have an idea?

Hi @uivens and @wwe

looks like here might be a solution: Nextcloud Office won't open documents : !SOLVED! - #4 by pascal_l

crossing fingers.