Nextcloud AIO seperate data folder with Portainer

I decided to run NC-AIO on an ubuntu server in a VM on Proxmox and pass my mass storage device directly to the guest VM from the hypervisior. I’m also planning to use Portainer since I’m not a too experienced linux admin and it gives a little visual aid for me.

Long story short,

Could you help me, where in the docker compose file should I specify the nextcloud (user)data directory?
I guess this line:

-e NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR="/mnt/raid1" \

I’m using this compose file as a template in Portainer:

Thanks in advance!

Quick search of the forum and found a number of results. Check this out:

Still not sure about where to put it in the compose file.

Did you try this? Seems fine since it is where you specify the data directory; set the location to where makes sense on your partition scheme. Check permissions as needed.

You read as an extremely experienced admin, lol.

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LoL. Thanks, but I can assure you I’m not. I gather what I need, but only self thought. I don’t have any issues, I just don’t know where to put in the compose file.
Should I uncomment the line 13.

    # environment: # Is needed when using any of the options below

and put hte line under it uncommented?


I’m referncing this:

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Yes. Please do.

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Thank you! I owe you a beer, for all the help I got!