Nextcloud AIO - Data Directory


I would like to setup NextCloud using AIO and use a specific directory on my host as the data directory.

I have added a second disk to the host and have created a folder called BhujMandir-Nextcloud-data (/media/BhujMandir_Nextcloud-data)

What I am confused on is

  1. Do I need to add both the below environment variables ?

    • NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR=“/mnt/media/BhujMandir_Nextcloud-data”
    • NEXTCLOUD_MOUNT=“/mnt/media/”
  2. And do I need to use “/mnt/” prior to “/media/BhujMandir_Nextcloud-data” ?


This should be enough.

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So is “/mnt/” definitely required ?

I have the variable set to NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR=“/media/BhujMandir_Nextcloud-data" and Nextcloud appears to be working.

Except for when I browse to the systems section of Nextcloud I see “Mount: /mnt/ncdata”, is this expected behaviour ?

2023-03-06 (1)

No, it isnt.

Yes it is.

/media/BhujMandir_Nextcloud-data gets inside the container mounted to /mnt/ncdata. So Nextcloud sees it as /mnt/ncdata

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