Nextcloud AIO email server options

I installed Nextcloud AIO on a VPS with Ubuntu server 22.04 and everything is working well except I need to set up the email server configuration to receive password reset and email notifications.

My current email providers don’t work with Nextcloud in this way, so I need an alternate solution. And no, I’m not willing to use gmail.

Is setting up an email server my only option? This seems like a major project just for notifications.

If so, what do you recommend that will work with the AIO installation?


Why is your email provider not working with the Nextcloud settings? Normally you can send an email with your email provider if you use the correct credentials for your username, password and e.g. TLS/SSL, StartTLS, …

Which email provider do you use?
Search “your emailprovider smtp settings”

No. It is rather the worst solution for you.

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I use Zoho Mail and I have smtp enabled with proper credentials but I get this error:

A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Connection could not be established with host :stream_socket_client(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name does not resolve)

I have checked and doubled checked my credentials above.

Since an email server is the worst solution for me, what solutions do you recommend?

I guess your settings are simply incorrect. is indeed not reachable, afaics.

I found this for you: SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Configuration in Zoho Mail

I am using these settings. I’ve checked and double-checked, and everything is correct for my credentials.

I do have two-factor authentication enabled for the email account so I did try an application specific password but this didn’t work either. Email password nor application specific password is working.

All right. I just tried to ping the given smtp domains. However it seems like they are not reachable. So either Zoho is blocking ping requests or their servers are down. Anyway, I would suggest contacting them about this issue.

Seems like their mail servers are down indeed:

My email accounts are working fine the last 24 hours.

I will contact them about the issue.

If I can’t get Zoho to work, what are your recommended alternative solutions?

I think the problem is 2FA for your email account.

I think I would set up a freemail account somewhere and use that. You can then forward emails from the freemail account to your normal account in case someone replies to the Nextcloud email.

Do you have any recommended freemail services?

No. It maybe belongs to your country. Perhaps you can get a free account (without 2FA) at your actual provider.

Indeed it would be. Running an email server (properly) is becoming a lost art with the advent of Google Cloud and Office Online, and not something to be taken lightly.

Any proper email system should work with it.

If you do want to pursue this, there are options around. I recently migrated my company to Axigen. We also looked at iRedMail, MailCow, and numerous others. Sadly many of them are missing one key feature, like not supporting DKIM, not supporting 2FA, not supporting LDAP, or just having sketchy looking support (or none at all)…

This error is indicating DNS resolution failure. Is your server able to resolve the name?

I do not use 2FA for email. But if you have this high demand on email, you should maybe not activate the email notification at Nextcloud (for security reason). There are not so important messages. In the event of an error, your users can also call you.

I will only have 5 users including myself so perhaps this is the best option. I can just change their password for them if they forget.

Yes. But a problem could be the function to share folders/files with email and also the Notifications function. Maybe there are other functions.

Thank you for the detailed response. How would I test DNS resolution?

Ok, this is important so I’ll keep working on a solution to get email up and running.

You can test email function Email Deliverability Tool - Check Your Deliverability Report - MxToolBox
Sorry not tested.

The name has got an ip address.

Yes, it’s working.