Nextcloud 24 VM, Ubuntu 22.04, PHP 8.1

Hi all!

We are about to release Nextcloud 24 with Ubuntu LTS 22.04 and PHP 8.1.

We need testers and ask you to help us. :rocket:

Please follow these instructions and report back if you find anything broken, thanks!

  1. Install Ubuntu 22.04 server (choose minimal during installation): 2 disks + OpenSSH-server.
  2. wget
  3. sudo bash
  4. Enjoy!

@bug-hunters is a new forum volunteer group you can use for testing things. :heart:

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It’s hard to engage with a site that takes over 3 minutes to load. I don’t know why someone doesn’t fix this problem.

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do you need to test it on docker?

Do you mean GitHub?

Your post makes no sense. or

No thanks, just as a Virtual Machine. :slight_smile:

I imagine OP is a referencing the fact that takes a very long time to load outside of EU . I am in Australia and access to regularly times-out for me on multiple ISPs, and/or takes a few attempts to load all assets before I can refresh the URL and finally get a page. It is a problem with this site. It consistently takes more than 3 minutes to load with a fresh browser (no caching).

Screen recording to illustrate the login just now to reply:

ok i’m ready to test

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Actually, we just changed to the master branch. I will keep this post updated with instructions.

Instructions updated!

Please test and report back to Github.

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I updated my Nextcloud from version 23.0.2 to 23.0.3 and Nextcloud 24 on my new 22.04 Ubuntu server (GNU/Linux).
just remember to install apt install php8.0-ldap and duo the updaed

Update to 24.0.0

Exception: App "LDAP user and group backend" cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: The library ldap is not available.
Detailed logs

Preparing update

Set log level to debug

Turned on maintenance mode

Repair step: Repair MySQL collation

Repair info: All tables already have the correct collation -> nothing to do

Repair step: Repair SQLite autoincrement

Repair step: Copy data from accounts table when migrating from ownCloud

Repair step: Drop account terms table when migrating from ownCloud

Updating database schema

Updated database

Updated "federation" to 1.14.0

Updated "lookup_server_connector" to 1.12.0

Repair step: Update OAuth token expiration times

Updated "oauth2" to 1.12.0

Updated "password_policy" to 1.14.0

Exception: App "LDAP user and group backend" cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: The library ldap is not available.

The update was unsuccessful. Please report this issue to the Nextcloud community.

and apt install php8.1-ldapon new server too.

I’d love to help you out but at least 5 of the app I use come up as non compatible with NC24. Push those guys to update and I’m in.

Sorry, I’m using EndeavourOS


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Op 3 mei 2022, om 01:05, Daniel Hansson via Nextcloud community <> schreef:

PHP 8.1 :cupid::heart_eyes: thanks for this great release - works nearly perfect for me at Debian 11, very good performance increase :clap:. Logs are completely empty, looks really good until now.

Only the enjoying webfinger & nodeinfo error is still there and the php opcache.interned_strings_buffer too
Music app doesn’t like PHP 8 :pleading_face:

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Thanks for testing! Debian 11, wow!

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After updating to NC24 I get the following error message when uploading images:

OC\DB\QueryBuilder\QueryBuilder::__construct(): Argument #3 ($logger) must be of type Psr\Log\LoggerInterface, OC\Log given, called in /var/www/nextcloud/apps/backup/vendor/artificial-owl/my-small-php-tools/lib/Db/Nextcloud/nc23/NC23ExtendedQueryBuilder.php on line 74

The images will then be uploaded and available.
But what no longer works is the automatic upload of image files from the cell phone

Thanks! This is most likely a bug within Nextcloud itself and not the VM per say.