Nextcloud 20 and PHP 8


I had a perfect-working Nexcloud 20 server until I decided to allow my system to update PHP to version 8.

Of course, now Nextcloud no longer works. Thankfully, my Nextcloud has only one user (me), so it’s not catastrophic.

Question: Let’s say I want to put on my crash test dummy helmet. Is there a setting that I can change that would bypass the restriction that does not allow NC20 to work with PHP versions > 7.4? I’m willing to take the chance that it still fails to run, but I’d rather try that instead of shrugging off a configuration setting.

I recall seeing this somewhere in the past, but I cannot find it now.

Worst case, I wait until NC21 is released (hopefully near the end of the month), but I’m willing to take a chance if someone can help me bypass the PHP version check.

PS: my system stats:
Arch Linux 5.10.11.arch1-1
PHP 8.0.2-1
Nextcloud 20.0.6-1




I don’t know whether there is a way to deactivate the PHP check and whether Nextcloud 20 would then run without problems. But you could either install PHP7.4 from the AUR (that’s the variant I would prefer) or you could upgrade your Nextloud to the beta version of Nextcloud 21, which is probably less problematic and definitely less “hacky”, than somehow running Netxloud 20 with PHP8.

It won’t work.

If you want to live a risky life you can try the 21 betas today already, they work with php8

PHP 7.4 is moved to “extra”, you can parallel install it with PHP 8.0.

sudo pacman -S php7-fpm php7-gd php7-pgsql php7-intl php7-xsl php7-imagick php7-apcu php-pspell php7-sodium php7-sqlite
sudo systemctl enable php-fpm7

then configure the php-fpm pool separately for your NextCloud installation.

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