Nextcloud 19 and postgresql 13

I am running nextcloud 19 on linux and would like to upgrade my postgresql installation from 9.2 to 13. Is nextcloud 19 fully compatible with postgresql 13?

I would expect to find this question answered in the Nextcloud administrator guide, and indeed it mentions the database requirements.

Unfortunately PostgreSQL 11 is the maximum version which has been tested yet, which doesn’t automatically imply that it won’t work with version 13, but no-one will guarantee it :wink:

Why don’t you use the search function?


Thank you. However, it does not specifically state which nextcloud version it refers to. Further, I am running nextcloud on CentOS 7 and postgresql 9.2 which works just fine so there is certainly some gray areas.

Would be great to know if anyone is currently running nextcloud 19 with postgresql 13?

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@Chartman123 Good point. I might be worth to create an issue ticket in the documentation repository to get the Nextcloud installation requirement information updated.

Done :slight_smile:

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