Postgres 13 support

Postgres 13 was released yesterday :tada:

Does anyone know if Nextcloud 19 is compatible with PostgreSQL 13?


They don’t do this later, the highest version is currently 11:

For NC 20 there are the last testing versions out before the final release early October. You could test this and check if they can put it as officially supported…
I don’t know why there is no support for more recent versions if there were important changes or just nobody tested it. Keep an eye on the bug-tracker

Thanks for your reply.

I doubt that the highest supported version is Postgres 11. I think the docs are outdated. Nextcloud’s Docker examples currently don’t even specify a specific Postgres version so many people have been using Nextcloud with Postgres 12 (without problems AFAIK). If you create a new Nextcloud installation right now using Nextcloud’s own Docker examples you would automatically be using Postgres 13.

I don’t expect there to be breaking changes when upgrading from Postgres 12 to 13. But I’d like to be sure of that before upgrading my own installation :slight_smile: so if anyone did the upgrade, let us know if it works :smiley:

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I can confirm that running Postgres 12 in a Docker environment works fine. I have not yet tested Postgres 13.


Please test and update the docs for NC 20 (and perhaps earlier).

I gave it a shot with Nextcloud 20 in my environment and so far there are no errors… :+1:


I have migrated postgre 12 to 13 successfully and running with NC 19.0.4 (stable)

No problems for now. PostgreSQL 13 has a little less RAM consumption i feel in compare to 12.
Looks nice - worth a try :grinning:


If you are concerning performance issues with postgresql 13 after migrating it might be helpful to set the following variable

log in to your postgresql

sudo -u postgres psql

in the psql# prompt enter


This will enter the setting to

quit the postgres session by “quit” and reboot the server.

This setting helped for the matrix-synapse installation to boost up the db performance and i set this value to my nextcloud too.

If you want to reset those settings to default log in to your PostgreSQL again and type

ALTER SYSTEM RESET configuration_parameter

or in case of only the one parameter above you also could use


Further performance settings can be calculated here:

and after that you enter the performance tips in the /etc/postgresql/13/main/postgresql.conf

(remark that the calculator above still ends at postgre12 so be patient and await the update till it is possible to choose 13)

Update 31.10.2020
PG Tune has updated it’s tools for Postgre 13 :grinning:

The Nextcloud VM runs PostgreSQL 12, and it’s all good in under the hood. :slight_smile:


There are now two issues over on Github to add compatibility to

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I’ve created a PR for the docs to be updated:

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