Nextcloud 13 delayed?


Thank for Nextcloud, it really an awesome app :star_struck:

I am waiting for the official stable release of NC13. But for some reason it was delayed again. Can anyone explain to me why? What will be the trigger for NC13 release?

Thank :slightly_smiling_face:

usually the dates on the roadmap are… just for information. since releasing a new (major) version means heavy testing it (good! or do you want to run a version that’s full of bugs and glitches?)…

so it could turn out that it needs more coding and re-testing that expected. and thus a release date could be postponed.

if you’d ask me i’d prefer a stable and well-tested major-version. and thus i don’t put too much attention upon the exact release-date. i am able to wait.

just my 2ct


Have a look at Call for testing: Nextcloud 13.0.0 RC4

Hi, yes - Nextcloud 13 will be released one week later. :wink:


But when you take a look at this pull request, NC RC3 is stable enough to be released. So it is not a about glitches, right?


it is still a RC - but if it is stable enough for you then just use it :wink: BTW: we use NC13 from RC1 on a few instances here.

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i bet this is too much of an inside-joke :smiley:

@JimmyKater do you want Nextcloud to release later with bugs squashed, or on time with bugs?

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if you’d read what i have written above it would get clear that your question is not defined :rofl:

that just made my day :smiley: thank you <3 <3 <3

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@JimmyKater oops I didn’t understand i bet this is too much of an inside-joke properly :blush:

@lara it’s all good. i was referring to like nc 12.0.1. which was heavily postponed all over again and again. and it was always announced that it would be out “next week” or such :rofl:

It was finally released on Feb 6th.