Nextcloud 10, Android 7, Nextcloud dev app: Auto Upload not working

Hi guys,

My situation is pretty much like what was described here: (closed topic)

Thing is, because I am running it on Raspbian Wheezy (old install), I am running Nextcloud 10 because of PHP 5.4. Could this be the reason why it was first uploading fake files with numbers and sometimes hyphens, and now nothing anymore?

I use Android 7.1.2 (Lineage OS 14.1) on my Oneplus One, the Nextcloud app is the dev app 20170506 (yup, from today).

Is the Nextcloud server version, the Android version, the fact it’s a custom rom to blame? which :wink:

updated topic with the right section - clients, android

pinging @mario since he is the expert on the auto upload implementation, but the OS might be a reason yes while it is not the OS version in general but rather the ROm no matter if lineage or OEM…

Thanks for the info. Gimme some time to work on changes to auto upload for 1.5, and I’ll ask you to test to see if this resolves it.

Lineage has SELinux so that causes troubles that I’m unsure WE can workaround…

Thanks Andy and Mario!

OK got it. LineageOS could be a worthy direction to look at as you will certainly be seeing more users with it in the future… People willing to setup their own cloud are the same guys who are likely to flash custom ROMs on their phones, right :wink:

@julien we sure do and one of the devs is also running LineageOS what Mario was referring to is that in your case the issue might be within the operating system so LineageOS needs to fix it and we - as in the app - might not be able to work around it :confused:

got it, thanks! then I will probably have to flash another rom… let me see what else can be installed on my phone :wink:

Try to install the test APK.