Android App Will Not Automatically Upload Pics or Vids

@Andy I seem to have exactly the same issue as @Lars_M had, running the newest Beta from F-Droid, now 20170111. I’m not opposed to doing a full reinstall, but I’d prefer to try to figure out why this issue is occurring. Any suggestions as to where to start?

Hi @daygr,

That is hard to tell, Lars basically did an Operating System upgrade which helped. Then it wouldn’t be related to the app itself. @tobiasKaminsky any suggestions where the look into?

Don’t know if it is excactly the same issue but result is the same:

  1. Activate AutoUpload with default folder set, that is not yet existing in the cloud
  2. Take photo
  3. Folder gets created and upload works
  4. Take a second photo
    -> no upload anymore

As long as i delete the folder and try again, the upload works. But if folder is already existing, it does not work.
Interessting thing here is, that upload of screenshots are working totaly fine… :frowning:
Nextcloud Server: 11.0.1
App: Beta 20170117
Device: Nexus 5X 7.1.1

Log of second upload try:

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I have a similar problem.

I have a rooted OnePlus 2 on Android 7.1.1 and Raspberry Pi 3 with Nextcloud 11.0.1.
The nextcloud version of the app is 20171130 beta.

I managed to get the upload to work, but not with the shipped camera (system app).
I tried different cameras from the PlayStore and the upload works for them, but not for the shipped camera app.
I can even copy the apps from the shipped camera to another folder an back, with a file manager, and it works.

For the shipped camera it never runs SyncedFolderJobService: startJob: …
It is somehow not triggered.
Can someone explain to me, how nextcloud triggers this ?

So if you run in trouble maybe try a third-party camera from the Playstore.


Mario is working on improving this feature so there should be a solution, just can’t tell you if and when available, see

I can manually upload images through the Nextcloud 1.4.1 app from the Android store on Huawei 6p running Android 7.1.1. Using Auto Upload is not working.

When setting up Auto Upload, no files upload to the directory I set. Instead I get many, as in tens to hundreds, of 20k or so files that are not the same names of my images.

The file names are just numbers with some of the file names starting with a hyphen, as in a negative number. I have no idea what these files are. When I look at my Camera folder, files start with either IMG or VID. There are no files that begin with numbers like what is being uploaded with Auto Uplaod.
It doesn’t matter if the source is my Camera folder or another folder like Downloads, etc. The Nextcloud app just uploads all these tiny files that don’t seem to have anything to do with the files in the source folder.

Looking at the Uploads folder on the app, lines there show successful uploads. However, they are successful uploads of all these strangely named, 20k files and zero images.

Also, I’ve found no way to stop the upload of all these bogus files. When I disable the auto upload for the source directory, eventually the uploads stop. But it takes several minutes before I notice it stopping. I have to force quit the app if I want the uploads to stop right away.

I just wanted to see if I could get photos to upload reliably. So far, this doesn’t work.

I don’t understand why they Auto Upload will not put files in the same place that I can upload files manually.

Is there a new version where this works? Is this a problem with this version of Android?

This should be fixed with the next release and should already be fixed in the beta app.
It is a OEM issue which has been worked around now.

I’ve tried using the beta app for nextcloud yet I am unable to make auto upload work correctly on 7.0. No uploads seem to be recognized as new in my install therefore no transfers begin.

Can you report this on github?
Then @mario can have a look :slight_smile:

Which phone?

The galaxy S7. Just upgraded to 7.0 here a day ago. Not sure if it’s directly related to phone itself or if it’s an app config issue. I’ll try and report it on Git when I get the chance.

I’ll get you a new build to try in a bit. I have S7 as one of my phones, but am still on Android 6 :-/

Anyway, gimme a few minutes :slight_smile:

Try this one. :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot and see anything changes.

Edit: After uninstalling the PlayStore version, the beta and the debug version you gave me both auto-uploaded my files. It looks as though my pictures where being uploaded in the background as well in one of the apps as some of my photos from yesterday are now showing up on my server.

On the other side though when I tell Nextcloud to delete the file after it’s uploaded…it never does. It hasn’t done this in all the time i’ve used it.

The “delete after upload” is a whole other issue. If you install the new APK (from the same link) it should be fixed.

Let me know! :slight_smile:

With the new apk, it still stays in the phone. Delete after upload isn’t as big of a concern as long as it auto uploads. What causes the issue with the delete function after it’s supposed to upload?

I don’t know - investigating. Will have a new APK for you in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Please try now.

Same as before, no delete function.

Thanks. Will keep this in mind.