✨ new website - feedback welcome!

hi everybody,

As you probably have noticed, we have a new website live! :tada:

Bear with us while we work out the kinks, there are still quite some issues we’re aware off and I’m sure there are more we’re not aware off.

The biggest is indeed that we’re at the moment using ReCaptcha for the forms. We obviously do not want any google tracking so this is high on the list to get rid of, hopefully this week! Sadly the form plugin we’re using only supports reCaptcha, so we’ll have to redo all the forms.

Otherwise, your feedback is of course extremely welcome! Let us know what you’re thinking! There is currently a long todo, but i’ll add feedback from you all to that list. In a few weeks, I hope to start using the issue repo in github for website problems again, making it easier to track problems and solutions!


@bug-hunters check out https://nextcloud.com/

Thought, do you want the person reading this page to know this software is open source?

If so, you could make wording shown:

The self-hosted productivity platform that
keeps you in control.  Trust Open Source.
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https://nextcloud.com/at-home/ doesn’t work and gives an 404 error

If I click on “try nextcloud now” at the first page,

  • and then on instant trial > take me there, the username is prefilled but not the password and it’s not clear which password I should use to get the trial.
  • The link to the long term trial for enterprise users also doesn’t work.

the “contact us” button on the first page also doesn’t work


Is the teams-page up to date? Looks like there are some previous employees listed again, if I’m not mistaken?!

Yes, the update unfortunately lost the changes to the team page that were made in the meantime…

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Yes, also accessing https://nextcloud.com does not work currently. Not sure what happened.

Footer menu seems to be mostly “#” links


Dropdown “Services” > I am not sure what “rend” means.

On the Hub page, the “Collabora Online” button is a broken link. 404

Does it makes sense to link each footer link which is not working?

The link to the web installer is missing on the new site.

Hi. I subscripted to the Audio-Podcast and my App reports errors since few days. It seems, that the link to the mp3-feed is broken.

  1. Starting from this page: https://nextcloud.com/podcast/
  2. Click on the link “mp3”, which leads to the follow page which does not work (error “404 - Page not Found”): https://nextcloud.com/podcast-feed.rss

Regards, Matthias

The video under the Collabora online Office menu item is “private”. You can not play it!


The pic under the menu item ONLYOFFICE online office the first image is not loaded. Furthermore, in the input field under North-West University Case Study, the font color should be a subtle white rather than a gray.


I think it is only a problem because of this file.



No good idea to load a Javascript from a different webserver e.g. Google and Youtube.

But there also other objects:


Perhaps someone can use browser developer options with network analysis and control it. When i write a website i try to host everything myself as much as possible. I also take a look at the source code and the network analysis from time to time.

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https://nextcloud.com/industries/healthcare/ on nextcloud.com is a 404

This is bad work!

First try I hit a 404.

  1. On the front page
  2. why Nextcloud
  3. press the Nextcloud at Home button

https://nextcloud.com/at-home/ results in a 404

I did some web development before I specialized in monitoring and having a crawler to report broken links is one of the basic tools of the trade.
Also who sets a redesign productive without testing!?

The only explanation I can find is that you wanted my engagement in this forum :crazy_face:


I guess you broke all crawlsers/link-checks with <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">

I think there are a few old rewrite rules missed.