New Nextcloud IOS App Background uploading not working

It is incredible that the iOS app cannot do background sync of my photos and videos, this make the app basically useless. What a shame for Nextcloud!

As far as I know it is not an issue in the responsibility of Nextcloud but Apple. As far as I understood Apple has restricted background execution tasks and only allows a limited number of apps to be executed. So I recommend to address your complain to Apple :wink:

It is only a partial limitation from Apple which the developers of the Nextcloud app do not want to manage with the help of the Apple support.
In fact Google Photo and Amazon Photo works absolutely fine and both of them can do pictures upload in background wihout any issue, on any iOS device.
That’s a pity because I would have paid for an app developed by Nextcloud with this feature, but their developers seems not interested to put any effort on this foundamental feature…

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I have the same issue.
I would love an app, and pay for an app, that would have this feature.
Im building a clooud for my family, and I dont know if they will use it even, if it does not background auto-sync photos. Kind of defeats the point in my use case.
Hope it will be fixed.

If you download TestFlight and get the latest beta of the NextCloud app 4.9.2 the issue is fixed.

Same issue here, it persists, makes the app meaningless if it can’t do background sync which i think was the main usecase for it … to get away from likes of google cloud and apple icloud

Afaik this is a limitation which Apple has set to prevent unnecessary draining of the battery by background job execution, so you should reach-out to Apple and ask them to remove that hurdle from their OS :wink:

Google Photos and Dropbox and a meriad of other s work properly why is it only a problem with Nextcloud ?

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It is Feb, 2024 now, the problem still exist…God, damn it.

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SAME ISSUE. It works great on Android and I wish I didn’t need this dumb iphone for work. Can someone please fix this, please