Need input from RTL people

Are people using RTL file names in their daily life? Or are you using ltr (english) file names to avoid problems?

If you are, are you always using one or the other, or do you also mix them from time to time?


First of all, thanks a lot for asking this question! There are not many software projects that care about RTL languages, so I am delighted to see your question :smiley:

Yes, quite frequently I use RTL characters in file and directory names. The screenshot below is taken from my local Nextcloud directory, after I searched for the common Persian letter Alef (ا). Out of 4332 files and folders in my Nextcloud directory, 103 contain Persian letter Alef. These files are indeed the ones that I care most about, because almost all of them are manually written/authored by myself.

Most of these files are named solely in Persian, but nevertheless the file extensions are written with Latin characters (like پانتومیم.txt).

A special case is the Android client for Nextcloud Notes: The app automatically saves notes in text files that are named after the first few words in the note content. So the user gets RTL-named files even if she doesn’t usually use RTL characters to name files.

I hope I could have helped. If you need extra info, I would gladly provide as much as I can.

PS. Screenshot removed for privacy reasons.