Need helping improving performance of my Nextcloud


Is there any possibility for getting the config file of yours. Because i am also facing the same issue of Nextcloud webpage is slow.

The Reason for asking the config file is like maybe i have misconfigured the Nextcloud Server our H/W specs may be different but tuning the Nextcloud is same for all users & The maximum load of my hardware hits not more than 20% of my allocated CPU,RAM & SSD Storage.

I have checked with page insights report from google of our Nextcloud webserver it is throwing me to clear the unused core-common.js

Most important is to configure a redis and possibly apcu cache. You could also check that the richdocumentscode app is not installed as it is known to cause slowdowns.

I have configured the REDIS & APCU Cache. I don’t have Richdocumentscode app of Nextcloud Office, Collabora .

okay, then I don’t have any idea why it is slow for you.

Lot of other apps could cause UI slow-down. In the past I hit an issue with external storage app…
I would recommend removing all apps you can - once the issue is solved enable them one-by-one to figure out which one is the problem.

Hi @gowtham,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

What are your actual server specs? What kind of hardware?

  • CPU type
    • arm64 or x86-64
    • are you using a Raspberry Pi? If so, it supplies only the bare minimum specs as of Model 4.
  • How much RAM
    • If less than 4gb ram by itself, that is horrible.
  • How fast is your network speed?
    • If only xx mb/s of speed, you are hurting.
    • Please do not run your server over wifi. Very very slow.
    • Upgrade your network to wired gigabit if you can. Will greatly increase speeds.
    • External networking speeds will be hampered by your actual ISP speeds.
  • What kind of disks?
    • Spinning sata is fair
    • nvme Good!
    • SSD Good!
  • How many users?
  • Are you using one of the office suites?
    • Collabora CODE, OnlyOffice, etc?
    • If so, less than an additional two cores and additional 4gb ram is horrible.
  • Are you running other services on the same machine?
    • Matrix, Jellyfin, Jitsi, ?
    • If yes, you’ll need even more ram, etc.