Need help with Nextcloud server I made a big mistake

For context, I am a 15 year old with a homelab in my basement. I am running a vm of nextcloud on ubuntu server and I installed it with the snap, and I regret it completely now. I wanted to make a backup today of nextcloud because doing it on my hypervisor would take forever, since i set it up so the storage of nextcloud is under the VM itself and has 4.6 TBs on it. I used the command nextcloud.export and I was in the middle of class without doing screen first and needed to quit the backup and I didnt figure out how in a hurry, so I was stuck in maintenance mode , so I looked that up and got out and now i have internal server error.

Hi @DogezRule,
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My guess is, that you immaturely force stopped the backup in this or that way, you should be able to fix your issue by locating config.php (on debian its in /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php), locate the line

‘maintainance’ ==> true

and set that value to false.
I am not sure if you then need to restart apache or it works immediately, but thst is actually to be found out by you.

No. Not needed to restart for that and not needed to restart fpm eather.


@DogezRule any info on how its going?


Not sure what exactly the issue, is the being stuck at maintenance mode or Internal Server error when trying to access it?

How did you quite the backup?

Since that command for backup will create a full backup, meaning if you have a 4.6TB data, it will need additional 4.6TB to complete it.

How to Recover from here?

First is to ensure backup of your user data

If you haven’t change the default user data location, then all your user data is located here,


Manually backup that directory !!

The default back up directory location is


Clear the content of that directory, since it is possible that your boot vDisk is out of space due to that failed attempt of entire backup.

Reboot the server to see if it is working or not.