NCP image for Odroid XU4 / HC1 / HC2. Help wanted to support other boards

We have just released the first stable version of Armbian based images with NCP for Odroid XU4 / HC1 / HC2.

Find them in the Downloads section ->

We have the Rock64 in the oven ( waiting for a stable Armbian version ). Now, we need help to build and/or test images for other Armbian supported boards.

If you have a board talk to us!


I have several Armbian supported boards. I’ve been working with Armbian for over a year now and really appreciate their efforts. (XU4, HC1, C2, BananaPi, OrangePi+, ClearfogPro, more coming…)

My group has a great deal of interest in your project and how it can help us in a classroom environment so we would love to play ;]

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Well, if you know how to generate armbian images, it is just a matter of following these easy steps

Ask anything!


I’ve been using NCP for several months on a Pi3 and absolutely love it. Now I’m trying to install NCP on an Odroid XU4. The install goes fine, but I’m having difficulty accessing NCP using SSH. I enabled SSH on the WebUI but when I try to SSH in, I am told to update my password and then it logs me out. When I try to login using the new password I receive the following:

NextCloudPlus v0.54.1 is outdated
update to v0.54.3 through ‘ncp-config’ or type 'sudo ncp-update’
Last login: Fri May 4 00:15:53 2018 from
Could not chdir to home directory /nonexistent: No such file or directory
This account is currently not available.
Connection to closed.

Any help would be appreciated!


Never mind guys. I found the root password through web searches and I’m all set now! Sorry for the idiot post. It was simply a case of pebkac.

did you use the NCP image for Odroid XU4?

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I did. It’s the one I downloaded from the NCP site. Is ncp the user name to use for SSH? That’s the one I’ve been using and having issues with. Any thoughts what would be causing the problem?

Thanks for all of the hard work you’ve put into this project. It’s super helpful.

you’re welcome :wink:

no, the ncp user is meant only to be used for ncp-web. For SSH access, use root, 1234 just like with any standard armbian image

Sounds good. That works. Thank you for the help! Much appreciated!

Rock64 image available for testing

Hi there,

I’m currently testing the ncp image on my odroid HC2. After stumbling upon this bug in version 54.xx (which caused me being completely locked off my HC2), thus I had to redo the machine. This time I used the newer image from 05-28-18 (56.0x). Unfortunately, I ran again into some issues which I want to outline here, before posting an actual bug report. Maybe the issue is on my side?

First of all, when I locked into the NCP web ui, ther first thing I noted was, that the wizzard didn’t come up automatically. I couldn’t even start it manually from the menu bar.
Secondly I noticed, that my NC installation couldn’t connect to the Internet at all! Even pings via ssh to couldn’t get through.

I got back now to the older image I used previously and with this image, the machine is now working properly (this time, I didn’t try to setup a fixed IP :wink: ).

What do you mean by that? was there some kind of error?

If you were able to access in the local network, then this must be a networking issue in your house. Maybe the diagnostics in the landing info page will help.

The odroid has no HDMI, the best thing to do to configure networking is to attach a tty usb in case you lose network connectivity. Those you can get for $2.

I will look at that bug when I have some time, but it is going to be impossible for me for a while because I am really busy with real life stuff. If anybody would like to help with this I can point them to the relevant code.

Many thanks for your feedback!

@natebrink and @RiSK I have exactly the same problems! No inet, No wizzard at fisrt start/boot,
The ports 443 and 80 are open on my router and i definitely have inet
I also had problems with ssh. ( login impossible after first connection via putty and the required change of password

Here is something wrong with the image for our odoid hc2. Very sad, i really enjoyed it with my pi!!

I found the internet and the wizard issue (it’s there on the top bar, but it doesn’t automatically open in the first run).

More info here

The image has been fixed. Find the new image at

Thanks for reporting

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Currently there is no HC1 image in the download section, can that be?

Thanks, Sebastian (just got his HC1 after weeks of waiting…)

You can use the HC2 image for the odroid HC1, HC2 and XU4

Hi everyone,

i have possibly simple question, but since im new to docker, i cant move forward…

im trying to generate ncp image for odroidc2… should be probably eazy… im folowing all steps, but i keep getting this error…
`root@odroidc2:~/nextcloudpi# ./ odroidc2
Already up-to-date.
[ o.k. ] Using config file [ config-docker.conf ]
[ … ] Building a Docker container
/root/nextcloudpi/armbian/config-docker.conf: line 19: docker: command not found

[ error ] Docker container build exited with code: [ 0 ]`

thanks for any advice…

if you are not familiar with this stuff is probably easier to download the latest image

…and is there any image working with odroidc2 or should I just get another board?

Thanks a lot nacho!