NC17.0.2 email client search doesn't return filtered results connecting to IMAP4 account

Hi -

I’ve been using Nextcloud for the last year, self hosted, and I love it. It’s mostly been rock-solid. I’m looking forward to upgrading to Nextcloud Hub, but before I do, I’d like to understand and fix a glitch with IMAP4 search in the mail client.

I’m connecting to a standard 3GB IMAP4 mailbox at[1]. The mail client has been working quite well for me for casual email interaction, but recently (can’t say when exactly) email search has stopped working. I enter a string on which I want to filter, see the current message body replaced with a spinner, and then the same list of emails is displayed, unfiltered.

There’s nothing in the nextcloud log on the server, and looking in Firefox dev tools, I see the response to (for example https://<myFQDN>/apps/mail/api/accounts/2/folders/SU5CT1g%3D/messages?filter=nextcloud) returns a HTTP 200 OK and a JSON body that contains twenty records that don’t match the filter.

Do you have any suggestions of where to look next?


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unfortunately there is a flaw in our current search logic. It sometimes falls back to a non-filtered result if there are any reported IMAP errors. This is incorrect. As of this logic has been replaced. The upcoming release should have correct and much faster search.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused.


Hi @ChristophWurst! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Please don’t apologise! I’m very grateful for all the hard work you and the Nextcloud team and other contributors do to make the platform such a powerful tool and such a pleasure to use.

Do you expect to be able to release the new functionality you describe before the roll-out of Nextcloud Hub?


Nextcloud Hub is already final. It will roll out gradually in the next few weeks.

if you’re feeling adventurous you may try the Mail Beta: But be aware that there is no way back once you migrated your database :slight_smile: Well, except when you do backups as you should!

Please see Call for testers: Mail v1.3. We’d appreciate if you could help us test the upcoming release :v: