NC1202: how can I change my local language json file?

NC12.0.2 running ubuntu 16.04 latest patches in Dutch language/localization.

As I have some issues with the Dutch language at multiple sections I tried to change a few times the .js or .json file

However at settings directory or other ones like activity I change both the .js and .json file equally but I still see an error then like: Warning l10n Failed to load /var/www/html/nextcloud/settings/l10n/nl.json - json error code: 4
and when that happens all my e-mails changed to English language. Is there not any way I can change or type a few more words in the .js or .json files?

Please join the Nextcloud team on transifex and update the strings in the code and don’t just hack them into your code.

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@tflidd Correct but as the customize e-mail template is gone this is my only way how to get a real customized e-mail invite out to my new nextcloud users; HOw can I do that right now as interim until that feature is back?
please advise!

seems to be related to Can't find access to email-templates under nc 12.0.1

and thus Mail template editor app vanished from appstore as well

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