Can't find access to email-templates under nc 12.0.1

maybe i’m just too blond but i can’t find where to access (and change) email-templates with NC 12.0.1 GUI anymore.
as described in

Same here.
In the post of the launch 12.01 i see the following:

[stable12] Backport allow to theme emails8

But no way to find this option.

I learned of this feature in this topic. There wasn’t such a setting even in version 12.0.0.

i dunno about 12.0.0 but i’m sure there was this option in 11.0.3.

i kinda found out what could be the reason for us searching for email-templates and not being able to find them: they have got rid off the email-template app… i can’t find it on the appstore anymore.

so well… as this seems to be the solution i’m gonna mark this solved and will open another issue here…

I have in my invitation e-mail:
"Welcome Aboard"
You have now an {nextcloud} account, you can add, protect, and share your data.
Your username is: xxxx

How can I have a simple 1 liner item in there like:
Your Getting Started guide is placed in folder x

So that I don’t have to send it over seperate ?

thanks! Jeroen