NC11 : Documents app?

Is there any news about it for NC11?


Would like to know this as well.
Collabora is overkill (do like the functionality, but not the infrastructure and installation using docker and reverse proxy that is required) for just viewing documents online.
Tried to edit the app requirements in the app files, then I can enable it, but it does not seem to work(documents do not load). Unfortunately no errors as far as I can see.


I believe this was core app on owncloud apps. Not sure if there is any development going on for NC11 or any port from owncloud is in pipeline.

Would also like to know if there are a nextcloud version of the documents app, because i can’t use collabora because strato don’t support docker at the virtual servers.
@Yomark1 i have also edit the info.xml to get it installed but have made the same experiences as you made…documents not loading and no error messages are shown.


Well, the ownCloud documents app has not been updated since Aug 9 2016 and seems dropped…
I wonder if they will release something for their OC 9.2… compatible with NC 11 ?

I do share the distaste for the infrastructure requirements.

Better said: I do appreciate the power and flexibility of the Collabora solution yet, given the requirements, I’d love to have the possibility to use the simple Documents app.

I do understand the extra burden on the developers of this request.


Would also love to see it for the same reasons.

Seeing what a mess Collabora Office is, I would rather use a working Documents app instead while waiting for Collabora to sort things out.

So yes, I would also like to see a documents app for NC 11.

Yes, its a mess and there is no way out right now. That’s why i was relying heavily on Documents app atleast for odt file.

I am currently reviewing and implementing onlyoffice document server and its integration(if time allows). I am not sure i will create an app for it, but no one knows what future holds. “fingers crossed


I do find unfair and not objective to define Collabora Office “a mess”.

It is powerful software and it is developed really quickly.
They are adding really interesting functionalities, e.g. the anonymous editing

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Maybe you need to read this thread again. mess != powerful software. Mess means the installation mess, the working product mess.
That feature is added to Collabora NC app not Collabora if i am not wrong. Collabora itself is good enough to be in the game. If you cant run and install it properly, no body need powerful features and for what anyway.

I totally agree! We should be respectful in judging/validating peoples work, especially if it provides such huge possibilities and potentials!

But depending on ones needs, Collabora could be an overkill indeed. For example on my single server single user setup where I so far just need a possibility to quick editing/viewing office files :wink: .

It is little like spreed app vs app + server. First is quick and easy to install, but so far does not provide the same functionality. Installing/running a dedicated WebRTC server to hook in is some work but brings several other possibilities that can not be provided by an integrated app. Both has its value depending on users needs!

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Please return Documents app, some people just need simple option not Collabora that most of people do not know even how to install and I do not even wish to start with amount other problems people have.


Yes, please return the Documents app. After purchasing a new certificate just for the purpose of running Collabora and three days of try and fail configuration I was not able to get Collabora working on my server. I used to be able to open/view/edit LibreOffice and MSOffice documents easily but with NC11 that functionality is now gone. Please return Documents for us pleebs who can’t run Collabora.


Same here, i was shocked when i saw that documents-app isn’t compatible anymore and all i can do is uninstall it. We are using documents-app for rudimentary collaboration, for simutaneously editing same doc-file. Thats all we need, no need for a bigger solution like collabora…

Please, bring it back! :frowning:

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It was a nice app, but when i wanted to really used it, i got some trouble.
Using Firefox it consumes a lot of ram on my machine and happens a crash…
Well, my document wasn’t saved so i decided to inspect my Owncloud server to find it… without a result…
Now i have Collabora and i don’t have this problem anymore.

But it’s true Collabora isn’t for every Nextcloud Installation, Documents is easy to use/install.
Hope there will be a new version for this on Nextcloud.

I agree for the documents app. That was all i needed, and i will never install collabora.

And, by the way, don’t forget that LibreOffice support very well WebDAV.


anyone managed to hack that application to get it working? i’m stuck at “Waiting for the editor to start…”

I’m also facing same problem.

libreoffice --headless --convert-to pdf mydocument.odt

The Pdf viewer is superb and know thats not and answer.