NC Client 3.13.0 not recognizing file renaming in Windows

The same problem described here NC Client 3.12.0 not recognizing file renaming in Windows has been reintroduced in the Nextcloud-3.13.0-x64 version. I have reverted to Nextcloud-3.12.3-x64 version and it works correctly again.

If you have such a regression, it is the best to report this directly to the bug tracker on

Hello, the link you have passed me does not work.

oh yes, nextcloud is missing:

thank youthank you. It is already reported by another user, I have left a comment saying that it also happens to me.

For the record, the issue in question is [Bug]: Windows client 3.13 (probably with virtual fileystem) does not sync changed files · Issue #6721 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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