Native Chrome OS Client

Is there any Chrome OS client planned?

I’m looking for a client similar to the ones available for Windows or OSX – allowing to sync selected folders from a next cloud server to the Chromebook.

As far as I understand, this point has already been discussed in the past and there seems to be no real requirement for a native Chrome OS client app. Please read this discussion, which also provides a solution for Chrome OS:

Please also check-out the following article (#4) which mentions the use of Nextcloud on Chrome OS:

Maybe you are right, there is no requirement for a chrome os client.
And in fact I’ve not used a Chromebook so far.

But I already knew the posts you sent. The 1stone is mainly about CalDAV and CardDav, and the WebDAV implementation is not user-friendly at all. And the second post is about Android apps!

What I read about Chromebooks so far is – yes, they support Linux and Android apps but its all VM based and if you have to much Android apps – the system is getting slow.

So, for me it is clear – I would only use a Chromebook if there was a native Nextcloud client. But maybe Chromebooks are already death – they never reached Europe, besides few exceptions.



In Europe surely, but not in the US. There they even toppled Microsoft from school campuses. But being bound to Google and sending all data to a US company and privacy + data protection doesn’t mix well either.