Nextcloud on chromebook

Will Nextcloud support Chromebook users?
For example by providing an app and/or Chrome extension, allowing us working in the cloud.

I do look forward to replies, thanks in advance.

Best, Next

What should this app do? Only a bookmark or something more? :thinking:

Why not just use the Chromebook WebDav File extension?

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I wonder if it could register as a source of contacts / calendars, without them being duplicated to the Google account, similar to on Android…

As an former ChromeOS user, I can say, that there is no contacts or calendar app :wink: …there are only Google Contacts and Google Calendar which can be used offline (in parts) … there is no way to implement CalDAV or CardDAV into ChromeOS natively.

sigh How very Google.

Unless you put your Chromebook in developer mode.

I think we talk about an end-user-solution which works in productive enviroments :wink: …However: Developer Mode itself has native CalDAV and CardDAV :astonished: