Mount existing s3 bucket / nextCloud created s3 bucket

I’ve got a similar question to this post:

I first tried using an existing bucket and hit the same roadblock. Inserted a new bucket name into the field within nextCloud and it created the bucket on my behalf. Great.

What happens if my server/install is toasted? Is it impossible to even remount the bucket that nextCloud created?

Other info: Buckets are a fairly new concept to me so maybe I’m using them incorrectly. So far I understand them as internet mounted storage. This seems great in order to get cheap storage from Amazon and then hook everything into a very low profile EC2 server running nextCloud. However, if I can’t rely on being able to re-mount existing data, then I can’t use this feature.

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from the post that you have shared Cannot enable Amazon S3 with correct bucket I assume that you want to connect to S3 as an external storage using the apps provided by NextCloud.

I’m not sure what did you mean by “remount” do you mean if you can use it with NextCloud again or not? or if you can use the bucket at all?

with NextCloud I’m not sure but I think yes you can, I cant see why not, but other than NextCloud of course you can use the bucket, as I remember the External Storage is a shared folder between all users link to the server that uses the S3 as an External storage

S3 stands for Simple Storage Service which is more like a container you can drop anything in it, photos, files, docs … and no one has access to it, but with a permission from the AWS admin, the AWS admin can open S3 bucket as much as he can…refer to this link for more info