Cannot enable Amazon S3 with correct bucket

  • Created AWS account
  • Activated Amazon S3 Drive (3 month free, 70 € / year, unlimited storage)
  • Created a bucket “ncbackupxyz”
  • Followed this manual to create “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key” without using IAM Users: How to Get AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
  • Configured External Storage with the values above: No connection
  • Configured External Storage with these values (bucket “ncbackupxyztest” which does not exist on Amazon S3 Drive) it works.

Can anyone explain me this?


you must not create a bucket before. Choose a Bucket name which does not exist in you Amazon account. Nexcloud will create the bucket for you…


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Sorry not read your last point :dizzy_face: :scream:

Thanks, that seems to be the point.

Hello Andreas,

i configured external Storage AWS S3 as you explained. Everthing is working, but now i have an S3 bucket Location US East (Northern Virginia) !? But i will feel much more safe with an bucket in EU or better in Frankfurt!

Is this possible?



@tv_cologne: Create a new topic?

Why this? Why this?

Hi Thorsten,

I have removed the S3 bucket for the moment. I don’t know if I had a bucket in FFM :confused:

It was only for testing … so I think I had one in the US.

I can’t give you a hint about that … sorry.



same issue here!

There are 2 problems at the moment with S3 storage configuration (NC 11.0.3):

  • creation of bucket in other region is not possible (or I don’t know how to set the correct values but tried a lot!)
  • so I want to use an existing bucket in region outside of us but it is not possible to use an existing bucket


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