Modify First run wizard to show customized Welcome/ general terms and conditions

I would like to show a customized welcome Page/Text Box after the first Login for my Users.
The main purpose of this is to show the User some kind of customized general terms and conditions.
Modify the First run wizard may not be the best way, or what do you think?

If I customized the First run wizard to add some Text, can you tell me where I can paste it?

Should be for German in:
nextcloud/apps/firstrunwizar/l10n\de.js and de_DE.js
And where I can reset the acknowledge, that the First run wizard shows again to all Users? Saved in MySQL?

I’m currently running NexCloud v10.0.3 (recently updated from 10.0.1)

Many thanks in advance


Hi. You can customize the first-run wizard by modifying the wizard.php file located in the /nextcloud/apps/firstrunwizard/templates/ folder. Granted this isn’t like your request for the app but it allows you to get it done now.

You might want to make a backup of the modified file. I’m assuming this file would get overwritten during an upgrade process so best to have a backup to return to if it does.

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