Mobile Device Login: "no app in context" - Unable to login with Mobile Device

I just completed an installation of NextCloud. Desktop app works fine but when I try and use it with an iPhone of iPad and attempt to login I see a Error 401 on the device and the following on the backend:

{“reqId”:“Csikyl0nZGhryKdmOGmz”,“level”:2,“time”:“2021-01-02T19:07:47+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:"–",“app”:“no app in context”,“method”:“POST”,“url”:"/index.php/login",“message”:“Login failed: derek (Remote IP: 146.200.x.x)”,“userAgent”:“Mozilla/5.0 (iOS) Nextcloud-iOS/3.1.0”,“version”:“”,“id”:“5ff2f169f3ea4”}

Any ideas, I have also had a friend try a samsung device and he gets the same issue.


Mobile Device Login: “no app in context” - Unable to login with Mobile Device

It is absolutely normal that “no app in context” is being displayed at this stage of the login process because no application has been selected yet.

Similar problem have been reported and resolved here: