Missing translations for "Shared" and "User disabled"


I have just installed „Nextcloud“ and would like to use it entirely in Lithuanian. I have noticed that some translations are missing (on Transifex as well). For example, “Shared” in “core” category is missing:

in other languages as well (for example, German):

if I add translation of „Shared“ to core/l10n/… locally, it’s translated… But I can not find where to translate it on Transifex?

When are translations from Transifex added to release? I wanted to make some changes on Transifex, after noticing something I do not like locally, but some changes are there already… When can I expect to have them released?

Thank you in advance!

For each release the actual content from Transifex is taken and included in installation packages.
So you have to wait for the next server release.
Please do not adapt your translations locally. Please join Transifex instead and start contributing your work to all users of Nextcloud.

Regarding the “Shared” string in files view it looks like a bug for me. German is 100% translated and it shows “Shared” on my installation as well (selected german of course).


Thank you for reply! I have joined Transifex as soon as I noticed that there is something I would like to change, but, as I said:

  • Some changes are there already, but are not included into newest version of NexctCloud (“” as of today) – that’s why I asked when are translations from Transifex added to releases…

For example “User disabled” is translated 2 years ago, but it’s missing in…:

Does this translation misses some kind of approval or…?

There are lot’s of changes I see on Transifex (Lithuanian translation), but not in…

  • Some words are missing on Transifex (“Shared” as example") – how can I add them there?


Where is it shown in the UI of Nextcloud?

No, approval is a quality feature but not a quality gate for release.

See my previous posting. Looks like a bug and needs to be reported at GitHub.

On login page:
(I was testing bruteforce protection and noticed that.)


Is it translated e.g. using german as language?
A second non-english language always helps to find out if the issue is due to missing translation (internationalisation (i18n)) or missing language switching (localisation (l10n)).

l18n can be fixed at Transifex and has to be reported there.
l10n needs be fixed by code change and has to be reported at GitHub.

Thank you for all the explanations!

It’s not translated in German as well

I will report this at GitHub


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Please leave a reference to the issue here.

Repo for report would be https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues


Found it https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/24537

Please open separate issues for each bug.
Thank you.

Ok, sorry!

Reference to untranslated „User disabled“ issue:

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First one has been fixed already

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Second one has been fixed as well.